What’s this all about?

Andapa You've-Got-Mail-2Are you doing this for business purposes or is it personal? That was the question posed to me when I confided in a colleague about the start of this blog. As a marketer and chronic second-guesser of my decisions, it launched me into a tailspin analysis. Who is my target audience? What am I hoping to accomplish? Who would even follow me? Why am I doing this anyway?

Gediz My rapid descent into self-doubt was finally broken with the question “Why do I care?” It suddenly dawned on me. Kathleen Kelly. Kathleen Kelly in You’ve Got Mail summed it up. “Whatever else anything is, it ought to begin by being personal.” Even the guys in The Godfather agree. So, yes, this blog is personal. And no, I don’t have any specific objectives I’m trying to accomplish. But if the cathartic adventure of me airing my “personal business” happens to benefit others, all the better.  “And what’s so wrong with being personal, anyway?” Nothing.  Absolutely nothing, Kathleen. You know that’s right.

Talk about getting personal …

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buy gabapentin 800 mg I’m Cheryl, a mom, Mrs. and marketer who suffers from “restrictive practicality,” a condition that compels me to consult Consumer Reports for sensible decisions as I drool for the unreliable, fiscally irresponsible but crazy-fun choices (think Camry vs. muscle car). Despite my sometimes stubborn and pessimistic disposition, I’ve been accused of smiling too much and work hard every day to seek the silver lining. Thanks for checking out my blog to see what I have to say.

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