When One Door Closes, Use it as a Desk

buy gabapentin online overnight My living room never had anything living in it. It had a couple of chairs, love seats, book cases and a beautiful, cherry wood buffet. But barely anyone saw all of that because the room was never used. It was wasted space. In the mean time, my husband and I kept moving the office around the house. We tried the basement, but it lacked a window and the set up in the corner felt more like punishment than a place to be productive. So we moved the office to a spare bedroom on the second floor. But then we never saw our son during his marathon Minecraft adventures. We just couldn’t find a spot that seemed suited for an office. Until…


Nandigāma We decided to make our living room a room we could live in. We changed it to our office or den. I realize the decision has probably excluded us from ever achieving Good Housekeeping recognition for decor, but now we use the room daily and it’s become a congregating point for some great family projects and conversations. One of the reasons you’ll find us hanging out inDSC02922 this room so often is because we have two desks that face each other.

can i buy Pregabalin online I knew from the beginning I wanted two desks. I just didn’t want the expense that came with them. A friend made the suggestion to explore other items that could serve as desks.  That’s when we headed to a salvage yard to look at doors.

IM Salvage entrance

We hit the jackpot on doors at IM Salvage in Milwaukee. It isn’t one of those trendy, vintage joints. It’s truly a salvage yard where you have to be willing to do some digging. Fortunately, the rows of doors they had were easy enough to sort through. The most difficulty we had was finding two that somewhat matched. Once we succeeded, we payed our $80 and were on our way.


Aisle of doors









Next we needed legs for the desks. We headed to Home Depot and picked up fencing rails for about $7 each. To attach them and add stability, we also picked up some decorative brackets. In hindsight, I think the desk legs could be thicker – not necessarily for sturdiness, but for aesthetics.


After painting the legs and attaching them to the doors, the last step we had was to make the door handle holes larger. They were perfectly positioned in the middle of the doors making the location ideal for threading the computer cords.







We didn’t do anything to the doors themselves. We didn’t sand them or stain them. Part of the charm for me was that they looked like doors. Plus, because we didn’t pay a fortune for them and because they already have imperfections, I’m not worried about them being ruined by spilled glue, scrapes or water rings from glasses.


Choosing to make our living room our office was one of the best “makeovers” we’ve done in this house. Choosing to use doors as desks also made it one of the most affordable. Next time you’re in the market for a new desk, consider making it out of something old.

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