Friends with Benefits: A Mom’s Definition

communicate cytotec price f263e7cfa858b2c9e3f32b196fb2ed5fBooks like Life’s Little Instruction Book or All You Needed to Know You Learned in Kindergarten are great stocking stuffers and gifts for graduates outside your bloodline. But for my child, I’m stockpiling words of advice that I’m going to unload on him when he’s old enough to listen and appreciate receiving it. Like, say, when he’s 40. Joking aside, profound advice doled out by authors reflecting on regrets is nice and all, but I am going to slap some straight-up applicable advice on my kid starting with which friends he should collect as an adult.

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When One Door Closes, Use it as a Desk

flonase price walmart revise My living room never had anything living in it. It had a couple of chairs, love seats, book cases and a beautiful, cherry wood buffet. But barely anyone saw all of that because the room was never used. It was wasted space. In the mean time, my husband and I kept moving the office around the house. We tried the basement, but it lacked a window and the set up in the corner felt more like punishment than a place to be productive. So we moved the office to a spare bedroom on the second floor. But then we never saw our son during his marathon Minecraft adventures. We just couldn’t find a spot that seemed suited for an office. Until…

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