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Broken Glass Candy Recipe

Some people are intimidated by the thought of making hard candy. This recipe is so easy and the candy hardens so quickly that you don’t have to be a confectionary connoisseur to accomplish making this sweet stuff. While I made cinnamon this time around, there are a variety of flavors and colors you can make Broken Glass Candy. Spearmint, wintergreen, cloves, peppermint. Package all of these different kinds in a mason jar and it makes for a perfectly colorful gift.

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Make-Your-Own Thin Mints

thin mintsI owe a big thanks to my friend Renee who turned me on to candy making and decorative chocolates more than a decade ago. Back in the day she and I would make everything from home-made cherry cordials and cream cheese mints to caramels, painted pretzel sticks and our own peanut butter cups. Since then, we’ve both had children and the time available to tackle that vast array of treats has dwindled. However, one recipe I took away as an easy-to-make mainstay were the home-made thin mints. They are the perfect fill-in until the Girl Scouts’ cookie order forms make their once-a-year appearance. They are also easy to make and a great treat your kids can take part in making as well.

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