Chocolate Mint Snappers Recipe

cheap neurontin 300 mg shipped overnight -POPI finally braved the challenge of attempting my mom’s tasty Chocolate Mint Snappers recipe. I never saw my mom actually prepare these cookies. Their creation was a wonderful mystery. I would arrive home from school, dart in the backdoor, and find them to have magically appeared, stored in a washed-out ice cream bucket near the pantry. Unfortunately, for as suddenly they would arrive, they disappeared just as fast. Everyone loved them. And they were a favorite of one of my brothers. So much so, I remember my mother sending me on roller skates to hand-deliver a bucket of them to his dorm room at the local college. She gave me the strict instruction to deliver the package directly to him…NOT to just anyone on his floor for fear he’d never get a taste. The bucket arrived safely, of course (albeit five or six cookies lighter).

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My Math Test Mind-Pop 5254be18f18126ffb1dda9a78b3711e6 I got a 100 on my math test.

I tell people that on occasion.  Oddly, I’m not taking a math class. Hell, I’m not even in school. Even if I were in school it’s a brag I would have no rights to considering I barely passed math at all.  No, the statement does not apply to me whatsoever. But it is a phrase that pops into my head at the strangest times. So strange that my family and I agreed that when it does, I should just blurt it out so perhaps they can understand and possibly attach reason to my moments of insanity. Here are some of those moments:

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