God isn’t concerned about your happiness

medikament Seroquel God Isn't Concerned About Your HappinessOkay, before you pass any judgement, hear me out. First of all, many who know me are probably shocked to see me writing about God. Some would consider me the farthest thing from being a “Jesus freak” (not that there’s anything wrong with that). I also know the title of this post could position me as an atheist, which also is not the case. In fact, when I first heard someone say that God doesn’t care about my happiness I was floored. I didn’t believe or understand it myself until my own experience provided clarity.

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Chili for Picky Eaters

http://arcomnet.net.au/1010-dte48296-sports-girl-dating-meme.html Sadly, I’m a picky eater. I will not eat vegetables unless hidden in a sauce or other means. That goes for fruit too, with the exception of applesauce. It’s a texture thing for me. When people learn about my “poor eating habits” they undoubtedly wonder how I’ve made it this far in life.  I ask myself that same question nearly every day. I just keep telling myself that if I wait long enough, scientists will reveal a study confirming that eating funnel cakes, Tootsie Rolls and all things sugary delicious is the secret to life’s longevity. However, while I wait, I must find other nourishment – like this chili.

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