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8 Games to Play With Kids While Waiting at a Restaurant

8 (2)Waiting is a learned skill in today’s society where instant gratification rules. When I’m alone, I’m a Jedi Master of waiting. I have trained my brain and breathing to maintain inner peace despite the trials of people who grocery shop at gas stations with coupons or the tribulations of dealing with AT&T’s offshored technical support services.

However, add kids to the mix and I regress to the immaturity of a youngling in no time. So to help cope with having to wait with children in tow, my husband and I have a host of games we play. Might I add, these games require NO use of electronics.

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Is Getting Older the Ticket to Saying Whatever You Want?

Is Getting Older the Ticket to SayI found a little of my nerve in a grocery store parking lot recently. It surfaced after I saw a big, black dog locked inside a car on an 80-some degree day.  Now, I say I found “a little” nerve because in hindsight I should have taken more drastic action to rescue the animal. I should have asked the store to page “the ignorant lady who locked her dog in the hot car with license plate XXXX”. Or, I should have called the police. But as it was, I merely pulled out my notepad and stuck a note of reprehension under her car’s back windshield.

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