Which are you? Lyrics Listener or a Hearer of Harmony?

Go Here Lyrics Listener or Harmony HearerBe careful how you answer that question. I’ve read that when you’re happy you enjoy the music. But when you’re sad, you understand the lyrics. So your response may reveal more about your state of mind than you care to share. 

read Myself? Let’s just say that while riding in the car, I’ve been known to turn to my husband after a song plays and ask “What does that mean?” (To which my harmony hearing hubby typically responds, “What does what mean?) I also used to read the inside of CD jackets in hopes of better understanding a song. And, it was just days ago I Googled the lyrics to “Take Me to Church” by Hozier (side note: the guy has an awesome, intense voice). I guess you could say I’m a lyric listener. But I don’t know that it means I’m the human Eeyore.

What my label as a lyric listener does reveal about me is that I’m sensitive. Sure, I may have giggled while typing that because I said it in my head with a funny, wispy voice, but I can be very emotional at times. Some ex-employees and acquaintances would disagree whole-heartedly and I wouldn’t blame them. To them and many others I hide my emotions well. That goes equally for sadness and happiness. Yes, I said happiness. Despite being absolutely ecstatic about some “accomplishments,” I refrain in certain settings from doing my happy dance and screaming “Nailed It!” or “In your face!” Sometimes I think it’s that innate ability to stifle emotions that makes me that much more interested in lyrics. Why?

While I may not be willing to express or publicly own some emotions, lyrics do it for me. I have my angry songs like Yesterday by Staind (warning: explicit language). I have songs for when I’m feeling defeated or Eeyore-ish such as Keep Pushin’ by REO Speedwagon and Broken Hallelujah by The Afters. I also have my “I feel like dancing” songs, such as Yeah 3X by Chris Brown and one that was recently reintroduced to me by a good friend, Ain’t Nobody, Chaka Kahn.

So yes, I’m a Lyric Listener. And no, I don’t need to be sad to understand them. I believe you can be in any state of mind to understand what the songwriter was trying to say. But really, when I think about it, perhaps the reason I listen to lyrics is because at that moment it feels like the person who wrote them understands me.

So, what are some of the songs that best suite your various moods?

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