Georgia’s Brandy Slush

can i buy Keppra over the counter in spain brandyslush This delicious libation brings about fond memories from the late 70’s and early 80’s when my mom and dad would have friends over to play cards – Royal Rummy to be exact.

It also was a refreshing summer drink for when her good friend Donna would stop by and visit with my mom at our kitchen table. I could hear their laughter through the screened windows and doors no matter where I was playing in the yard.  So, it only makes sense that this drink be associated with summer and fun.


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Trip to Cimarron Canyon, NM

You know how when you first learn a new word that you’ve never heard before you end up hearing it repeatedly shortly thereafter? Well, it was like that for me with Cimarron, New Mexico. Aside from its appearance as a near ghost town, Cimarron is also home to a beautiful state park known as Cimarron Canyon. Located an hour south of my mother’s hometown, it was her favorite place growing up and a place she always spoke highly of for its beauty. Sadly, I never knew that until after she passed away. But it only made sense then that it be the final resting place of her ashes. After making the road trip to the canyon, I started seeing the name Cimarron Canyon in various places. Most recently, thanks to premium channels, I found it associated with the movie The Lone Ranger. It served as the setting for the train scenes. So, while I’ve shared some photos below, if you want to see the beauty in action and can take your eyes of Johnny Depp for a few minutes, check out the scenery in the movie. However, I must say, these photos nor any movie will do justice to the beauty witnessed when visiting in person.

Pikes Peak, CO