Tchotchkes: Are they really worthless?

ovral l cost Tchotchke (/ˈɒkə/  duolin cost biaxin generic cost choch probalan price -ka) a small piece of worthless crap, a decorative  knick knack with little or no purpose. cernos gel buy online – Urban Dictionary

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how to use kamagra oral jelly price Work tchotchkesTchotchke. Great word, right? It’s fun to say. Yet its arrangement of letters is so nasty I suspect it’s used as a spelling bee tie-breaker. Still, being that I’m in marketing, I’ve heard the word tchotchke spoken thousands of times. That, along with bauble, trinket, novelty item, etc. I even remember an old school “ad guy” named Al who called on me as a client nearly 20 years ago claiming, “I gotta ‘gimmick’ for ya.”

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ranitidine price Call them whatever you want, tchotchkes are giveaways. They are the free bait at trade shows. They are the honey that attracts a swarm of spendthrifts at events. I’m one of them.

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7 reasons dive bars are better than clubs and pubs

lidoderm gel prescription 7 reasons dive bars are better than clubs and pubsI recently patronized a dive bar and was reminded why I prefer a watering hole with broken bar stools over hifalutin clubs and pubs.  Beyond the fact that there isn’t a cover charge, dress code, or barely legal bartenders behaving in a manner that makes me want to call their mothers, bars that are off the beaten path provide a number of advantages:

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Define for me, dressing “age appropriate”

lipitor uk t-shirts2Life’s contradictions are making my head hurt.

tricor finance canada Never, ever give up. – vs. – Let go of what you can’t change.

epitol 200 mg cost Our lives are subject to God’s will. – vs. – Our decisions determine our destiny.

cernos gel price Anything worth having is worth waiting for. – vs. – Don’t wait for perfect moments, create them.

buy tenormin online And one of my personal favorites: Act your age. – vs. –  Age is of no importance, unless you’re a cheese.

urispas price dischem Okay, okay…maybe the last example is not as profound as the others. But it is the only one where I clearly know where I stand.

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